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Let Us Reduce Your Delinquent IRS Tax Debt!

Taking on the IRS alone is never easy nor is it recommended.

Those suffering from tax debt issues endure a daily struggle.

But with our tax attorneys on your side, you never have to worry.

1-800-Back Taxes is your ultimate source for IRS tax debt resolution.

You want tax debt help and we want to help.


You Don't Have to Face the I.R.S Alone!

The IRS will take advantage of a taxpayer that is not knowledgeable about

tax law and IRS collection procedures. Frankly, taxpayers need to be protected from IRS error,

abuse and intimidation. Taxpayers frequently overpay their tax liability either as a consequence of

inappropriate IRS actions or because they do not have the counsel of a skilled tax

lawyer. A highly trained tax attorney is like having money in the bank.


It doesn't pay to continue to procrastinate.

IRS tax problems mean interest is piling up every day. You can stop the anxiety and stress right now.

  1. Remove IRS Tax Liens and rebuild credit
  2. Remove wage garnishments
  3. Negotiate for an IRS Tax resolution
  4. Release bank levies
  5. Remove penalties
  6. Reduce your tax debt substantially with a favorable tax settlement


Your tax liability will not go away and the IRS has the power to collect back taxes and interest and

penalties by any means necessary. You don't want to be at the mercy of the IRS do you, you want tax

forgiveness, settlement, and resolution.



  1. Our highly experienced tax attorneys have helped thousands just like you
  2. Our Specialists are highly experienced in dealing with the IRS. Are you?
  3. We genuinely care about helping you get out from under this very serious burden



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